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When to replace your toilet

If it something about your toilet, one thing we often think about is upgradation or if needed a replacement. Toilet replacement services are all about getting a new toilet in place of your old one.

Why would anyone want to replace their toilet? Well – there are several benefits of toilet replacement. Thus, homeowners should ideally think for toilet replacement on time. Besides, who wouldn’t like to have a new toilet in their premises? It feels good, is highly functional and above all, it can help you to save money.

Top Benefits of Toilet Replacement:

Get a Highly Functional One – If your existing toilet is not functioning as it should, you might have to replace the toilet. There might be a problem of continuous leakage or continuous running water problem, these needs to be overcome. At times, repairs don’t help and there is a need to have the toilet replaced as quickly as possible. With a toilet replacement, you can enjoy a modern and highly functional one. You will have all the amenities of a modern toilet and you do not have to worry about sudden problems.

There are many homeowners who replace their toilets after regular intervals just because they need better efficiency and a modern toilet. Though, this is often considered to be quite expensive by many, if you hire an affordable plumber, you might even get a budget-friendly option.

Reduce Wastage Of Water – An old toilet loses its efficiency with time. One of the main problems of an old toilet is water wastage. When you select a high efficiency modern toilet, you will be able to reduce water wastage. Leaking pipes, faucets and showers are a big problem of old toilets. In spite of regular repairs and maintenance, you might not be able to reduce the problem. It is possible only when you choose to get the toilet replaced.

Comfort – When you replace your old toilet with a new one, it is certainly all about better comfort and ease. A functional new toilet will make things easier, convenient and classy for you. Every year, several changes take place in every industry – including our plumbing appliances. If you are using an old toilet for a long time, you definitely deserve more comfort and luxury in your life. Get in touch with your plumber to know more about toilet replacements and how you get your toilet replaced with a new one.

Improves Space Appearance – This is one important factor, most homeowners do not realize. If you have a new toilet, it will certainly improve the way your existing space appears. Your new unit will be of your choice and as per your needs. If you had any kind of inconvenience using your old unit, it can be overcome using your modern improved toilet.

Toilet replacement helps in ensuring great style and added functionality. You do not have to spend frequently on repairs and maintenance because old toilets are often a cause of concern. Hire a professional and licensed plumber, who will offer top class services at the most affordable rates.


Water Leak Detection At Homes

With the increasing population and changing lifestyle, there is an increased demand for everything, including water. However, everything is available for a price and it should be our efforts to reduce wastage as much as we can. Leaking faucets or leaking showers are often ignored at homes, until there is a significant change in the energy bills. Most of us do not realize that leakages are not just bad for your plumbing system, they also mean you are going to pay extra for all the water which is trickling away.

Water leak detection and preventing as soon as possible is the way to ensure that your plumbing system is healthy and you do not pay for water wastage. Some leakages are detected easily because they can be seen, but most others are not detected easily or even if they are detected, they are ignored because apparently they are not causing any disturbance in the daily routine.

Do not ignore water leakages! What would happen if everyone starts ignoring water leakage?

Plumbing companies offer great water leak detection services. They are trained in leak detection, no matter where the problem is. If you suspect any leakage, you need to call them. Leak detection can be done at regular intervals of times, especially when your home is old and tend to leak. This will help in reducing sudden emergency conditions. Or, if you notice water dripping from anywhere, you can call your plumbers.

They will arrive at your premises with their leakage detection devices and carry out the necessary inspections to detect leakage. Once the leakage is detected, it will be quickly repaired so that the current situation is taken care of and there is no further leakage.

Areas of Water Leakage:

Though you may experience water leakage anywhere, there are some specific areas which are more prone to leakage. Keep an eye for all such areas, so that leak detection is easier and on time.

  • Basement and the garage area. You need to keep an eye for the hot water system and the evaporator cooler.
  • Check the laundry room – the clothes washer and for leaky faucets.
  • Check the kitchen. Leakages are quite common in the water heater, dishwasher and faucets.
  • Patio
  • Check the turf of the lawn. Is there some unusual patch of green in the lawn? If yes, it is a proof of moisture retention or dampness.
  • Check the ceilings and wall – if you notice stains or patches of dampness, there is a leakage.

If you do not wish to hire plumbers right away, you need to keep a good watch on your plumbing system.

  • There might be a situation when there is water leaking into the toilet. Water might be even moving from tank and to bowl, especially when no one is actually flushing it.
  • If you notice that water is flushing itself, when no one is close by.

Water leakages typically tend to worsen – thus, do not ignore the water leakage. If there is early detection, repairs will be delayed and it will help in saving money.

Preventing drain clogs

We strive to take good care of our homes, so that everything is in good order, especially our plumbing system. Plumbing problems can cause a lot of mental strain and anxiety, if not taken care of time. Problems of clogged drains are quite common and account for 50% of plumbing problems. At times drains get clogged due to problems with the drainage pipes but many times it is due to our mistakes. Save your money and reduce all your anxiety by taking a few steps to prevent clogging of drains.

Tips From Experts:

Clogged drains can be an emergency and need immediate attention. No one likes overflowing sinks or toilets. This can get real nasty and unhygienic at the same time, especially when you have guests at home. Some clogs can happen overnight if something large gets stuck in the drain suddenly. While most other clogs happen slowly and provide ample time to the residents to tackle the problem. If the clog is not removed on time, you will have to call professionals to remove it.

Safeguard Your Sinks:

  • In case you do not have any kind of garbage disposal, do not use your sink as a garbage disposal system. Do not let food scraps go down. You can also use a strain in the sink which will keep all such scraps away.
  • You can also pour some boiling water down this drain at least one time in a week. This will help in removing grease or fat which often get collected in the pipes.
  • Never pour oil or grease down this drain. Grease tends to stick by the sides of the pipes. It leads to clogging.
  • If you have a garbage disposal, you need to keep some kinds of food away from this. Foods which are usually sticky and thick are not good for the drains and tend to clog them.

Safeguard Your Bathroom:

  • Keep your bathroom tub and sink clean. Keep cleaning the drain stoppers regularly. Soap scum and also hair often gets stuck in the sink and tub, which causes slow draining and later clogging.
  • You should not flush away heavy paper products from the toilet. If there is excessive paper, it can clog your toilet. The sewer system can ultimately get clogged.

If you notice a slight clog or water seems to be moving out slowly, try and find out the cause of such clogs. It is important to prevent clogs from occurring, rather than calling your plumbing provider to stop the clogs.

  • Use Drain Screens – To prevent recurring clogging of the drains, start using drain screens on the drains. These screens fit well on the drain opening. They help in preventing scum, hair, food and other types of material from getting stuck in the drain. These screens are easily available and are easy to use.

Carry out regular repairs and maintenance of your plumbing system. If you carry our regular maintenance services, it will help in detecting any probable problem with your drainage system.